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LHG Group is one of the world's leading providers of environmental friendly rust protection. The company has been producing the most effective and environmental friendly rust protection products for more than 30 years.

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LHG Group started out with a mission to protect the Scandinavian vehicle fleet from the harsh Nordic weather. Ever since it has been our ambition to follow market demands, and continuously develop innovative products for use in rust protection.

LHG Group is a well established company that has built its success on a high level of service and a close relationship with both consumers and developers, thus being able to provide the market with products of the highest quality.

The wind energy sector is growing at an enormous pace and to us it seems only natural to use environmental friendly rust protection when making environmental friendly energy. That is why we have developed two new rust protection products for the wind energy sector.


The two new products are "Suvo Non Nafta" and "Nox 720 aqua coat". Both are made without the use of toxic solvents for the benefit of the user of the product as well as the environment.

The two products are suitable for protecting all steel items especially during transportation on the account of it being easy to apply and remove. The products can be removed with petroleum-based removal products.

Having more than 30 years of experience in rust protection, we are happy to share our knowledge. Please feel free to contacts us if you have any questions regarding our product, or company in general. It could well be the start of a long lasting business relation, allowing us to protect what you care for.



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